Mindfulness Meditation

I know what you’re thinking, that meditation is just a placebo and doesn’t really work. Well, if that is your mindset going into it, it likely isn’t going to work at first. After all, how can one properly meditate if the entire time they’re thinking how it’s a waste of time? Statistically speaking though, mindfulness and meditation has been proven time and time again to help.

          Now I am an avid prayer at the church of iron, but if there’s one thing I know for sure, its that if your head is not in the game, you’re not going to hit those goals you’re striving for. It can be stressful prepping for the next competition, or even just trying to reach your personal goals. Mindfulness meditation can not only help you outside of the gym, but also inside of it.

          Mindfulness meditation is a tool that all of us could use in our life. It has been proven to not only decrease current stress but also provide the ability to be more adaptive to new stress that may come in our lives (Donald, Atkins, Parker, Christie, & Ryan, 2016). Mindfulness has also been found to prevent avoidance. Mindfulness has been proven particularly helpful for parents, teachers, veterans, police officers, and those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS.

          I know that mindfulness and meditation seems like just buzzwords, but it really does work. As a disabled veteran who has CPTSD, I must say that when I dedicate at least fifteen minutes a day to my meditations, life in general is a lot easier to handle. Stress is a killer. It can ruin your body and your mind. The gym is a great place to reduce stress and grab hold of your health, physiologically and psychologically. However, this is something you can do from the comfort of your home and can do every day for free! If you’re a lifter like I am, it can really help you reach those goals you have in the gym. Even if you’re not though, the effects of stress reduction is so beneficial in so many ways. I urge you out there to try it, there are multiple videos on Youtube for guided meditation. Even better is when you couple in mindfulness with Aloha CBD. Adding CBD to my routine has helped me get better control of my sleep and gain mental clarity.

          Another great place to figure out how to start doing mindful meditation would be to visit this site here. This gives a step by step instructional on how to begin meditating mindfully and take hold of your life and improve it. Best of luck to you, and keep your eyes out for more information on how you can take control of your mental well being.